When you know how to help, you will have the courage to help. In Vapepa, you will always be trained to perform your tasks. The basic courses are a great place to get to know the activities, and the advanced courses help you to further improve your skills. Training together with the authorities prepare you and your team for real situations! Courses are taught in Finnish or Swedish.

The structure of the training

Basic course

On the basic-level Vapepa course, you receive the skills you need to work as a volunteer in an emergency team. On the search and rescue course, you will learn the search methods needed when looking for a missing person; on the communications course, you will learn how to use a radiophone and other communications devices; and on the primary care basic course, you will learn how to aid people after an incident.
On the basic Vapepa course, you will receive basic information of what Vapepa is and how we support the authorities.

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You can apply the skills learned on the basic courses in practice by participating in Vapepa drills and emergency situations. The drills are often organised in collaboration with the authorities, and their aim is to teach various emergency teams to work together.
After joining an emergency team, you will receive information about emergencies from the volunteer preparedness duty worker. However, it is up to you to decide if you want to participate in the operation.

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Regional advanced training

After the basic courses, you can further improve your skills in regional advanced training. On the functional courses, you will learn more about leadership and co-operation with the authorities, among other things.

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National advanced training

As you gain more experience, your skills could be useful for the other volunteers, as well. You can train to become a Vapepa leader, who leads the team of volunteers during emergencies, or a preparedness trainer, who offers basic courses for new volunteers.

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