Contact information

You can reach the Voluntary Rescue Service by contacting the Finnish Red Cross or directly contacting the member organisation you are interested in.
The Finnish Lifeboat Institution is responsible for the voluntary maritime rescue operations and the Finnish Air Rescue Society is responsible for the voluntary air rescue operations.

National coordination

The Red Cross is responsible for coordinating Vapepa nationally.
The employee e-mail addresses follow the form

Preparedness coordinator Arsi Veikkolainen

tel. +358 40 120 9022

  • Coordinating the Voluntary Rescue Service
  • Collaboration with interest groups

Communications officer Aku Suomalainen

tel. +358 40 581 0346

  • Vapepa communications and media relations
  • The Vapepa website and social media channels
  • Vapepa communications materials
  • Communications training
  • Supporting the communications of the member organisations and volunteers
  • Vapepa-info magazine

Regional coordination

The preparedness leaders of the Finnish Red Cross districts are responsible for the regional co-operation of the Vapepa organisations and for supporting the volunteers in emergency teams around Finland. The e-mail addresses of the preparedness leaders follow the form

Helsinki and Uusimaa
Niki Haake
tel. +358 40 557 0111

Tommi Mattila
p. +35840 5895 780

Eila Siira
tel. +358400 965 407

Annikki von Pandy
tel. +358400 391868

Aki Valonen
tel. +35840 528 0902

Timo Harju
tel. +35840 131 7100

Kari Petäjä
tel. +358400 322 191

Mika Korppinen
tel. +358400 648268

Tommi Virtanen
tel. +358400 127 152

Annalena Sjöblom
tel. +358400 838 675

Olof Collin
tel. +35840 675 8455

Rolf Sund
tel. +358400 263448